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  • Building Equity
  • Eastern Consolidated
    “Leslie is an extremely talented architect. She is very creative, proactive and responsible in ensuring that work is completed according to her exact specifications and in a timely manner. It is a pleasure working with Leslie and I recommend her without qualification. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity”
  • Kosbel Realty
  • Ranger Management
  • REM Residential
  • RSP Companies
  • Rockledge Properties
    “Qualities that have made it especially easy and enjoyable to work with Leslie include the following: She meets agreed objectives and provides timely follow-up. She works collaboratively with her clients, rather than imposing her vision. She is capable of working on a wide range of projects and her pricing is competitive”


  • Aris Development Corp
    “Leslie is very industrious and thorough in completing any task. She is prompt and the product is complete and easy to read. She approaches each task in a way to find the most cost effective means of finding a solution.”
  • Campbell Construction
  • Commercial Building & Restoration
  • G Construction
  • Greenfield Manhattan Group
  • Lotus Metropolitan Construction
  • M&M Home Improvements
  • Pegasus Realty Group
    “Excellent architect, detailed and creative, great Results, High Integrity”


  • Gary Meese, Meese Capital
    “I have known and worked with Leslie over the last 5 years on a number of apartment renovations. Leslie is a valuable resource for both architectural design and construction cost estimating and her extensive project experience has helped me to confidently evaluate projects. In addition, Leslie has a deep knowledge of the NYC permitting and approval process and is skilled at managing projects from start to finish. She is extremely easy to work with, highly reliable, and honest while offering innovative solutions to many challenges that come up in a renovation or construction project. I look forward to working with Leslie on future projects and gladly recommend her work to others.”
  • Paul Wang, Designer/Planner
    “I have known Leslie since our undergraduate days at MIT, and she has been a great friend and collaborator ever since. Her friendliness and boundless energy have made her a delight to associate with. In recent years, Leslie and I have collaborated on a number of architecture and design projects, and I recommend her without reserve professionally (and personally). She is thoughtful and detail-oriented, and makes herself available to her clients throughout the design process. Her familiarity with the NYC Department of Buildings permitting process makes her invaluable, as does her ability to communicate effectively with contractors. Her work products are thorough and punctual, and of very high quality. I believe anyone that works with her will be very pleased with the process and results.”