Notable Work

Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) Public Hearing Approvals for Designated Property and Buildings in Historic Districts

Securing of BSA Variances including renewals

Approval of Building Enlargement under Alteration Type 2 application

Superseding Architect of Record for Various Professional Applicants

Assistance with Physical Culture Establishment Certificate (PCE)

Extensive property record searches utilized successfully in pursuit of authorization of Existing Non-Complying Use Group / Occupancy

Gut Renovations and conversions of One-family, Two-family and Three-family row-houses.

SRO and Multiple Dwelling Rehabilitation

Applications for amended Certificate of Occupancy

Approval of Construction Code Determinations and Zoning Resolution Determinations

Construction Manager / Owner’s Representative / Architect for almost complete re-build of Four-Story rowhouse with Owner’s Duplex and two floor-through rental apartments designed for future condominium conversion

Condominium Lot Merger packages

Lot Subdivision to improve Property Tax Classifications